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Wind Turbine Power Curve Efficiency Output

Wind turbine power curve efficiency output by the most efficient wind turbine and from the wind turbine manufacturer with the highest wind turbine power production has got to be the number one choice in any wind turbine efficiency comparison.

Wind Turbine Power Curve

wind turminesPower Output with Wind Speed for a Wind Turbine

The wind turbine with the Wind Turbine Power Curve of choice for your site . . . is going to be the best of all possible 'marriage mates' for your site's specific Weibull Wind Speed Distribution Curve.

This curve . . . the wind power output curve for your turbine . . . shows how much electrical power is being fed towards the transmission grid . . . for every single wind speed that your site will subject it to.

Wind Turbine Output

Wind Turbine Output over the course of a full year can be calculated from the knowledge of these two curves. For since we know how much energy per second the turbine will produce at any particular wind speed . . . and since we know from the Weibull Wind Speed Curve curve how many seconds in an entire year the wind will blow on your site at that speed . . . all we need to do is multiply the figures from the two curves for that particular wind speed . . . then do the same for every other wind speed . . . and finally . . . add up all the answers to arrive at the total yearly energy harvest on your site with that particular turbine . . . multiplied by the number of wind turbines in your wind farm planning application . . . of course !

Wind Turbine Design

Wind turbine design caters to the full spectrum of actual site conditions that exist.

Some turbines, for example, are designed to harvest energy in the medium to high wind speed range, whereas others are designed to harvest even at the lower wind speeds.

There is what is referred to as the cut-in speed, the wind speed at which the turbine 'wakes-up' . . . and the cut-out speed, the wind speed at which the turbine says . . . " enough ! "

Wind Turbine Rating

Wind Turbine Rating is the power output at the plateau of the Wind Turbine Power Curve. It is the advertised power rating of the turbine . . . the power it produces when it is 'really in in's element' . . . when it is comfortable in it's own skin . . . !

Wind Turbine Efficiency

Wind Turbine Efficiency is the degree to which the turbine's wind turbine rating . . . it's capacity . . . is made use of throughout the year. It is referred to as the Capacity Factor.

In a wind farm we know about . . . which faces into the North Atlantic Ocean . . . the wind turbine efficiency . . . or Capacity Factor . . . is 40% !

Most Efficient Wind Turbine

The Most Efficient Wind Turbine . . . the one with the highest Capacity Factor . . . will NOT neccessarily always the best one for you . . . ! . . . Why not . . . ?

Best Wind Turbine

The best wind turbine for you to choose is the one which produces the HIGHEST OVERALL ENERGY YIELD in the course of a year !

Wind Turbine Manufacturer

At Windrush . . . . we're well equipped to help you with choosing the wind turbine manufacturer, and turbine make and model, so that your return on investment can be maximised.

Call us on the numbers below the main navigation menu or email us directly. Alternatively, you can get in touch through our wind farm enquiry form.

wind Turbine Rating Efficiency Output

Choosing the best wind turbine in terms of wind turbine design and wind turbine electricity output can be determined by the wind power curve . . . for ultimate turbine efficiency. regional infrastructure fund . nibc european infrastructure fund.