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Wind Turbine Cost

Wind turbine embodied energy and cost.

Wind Turbine Embodied Energy

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The embodied energy of a wind turbine is the total amount of energy that goes into the manufacture of all of it's component parts together with all the energy going into it's construction on the wind farm.

For large grid feed-in wind turbines supplying the grid, the payback period . . . calculated in terms of energy fed into the grid compared with the embodied energy in the turbine itself . . . is of the order of about only 6 months. In other words . . . it takes 6 months for a wind turbine to harvest enough energy to pay back to the World the energy that went into it's very existence.

The justification of a wind turbine's existence in terms of embodied energy though, is affected to some extent by the matter of economy of scale and this is especially so where the currency in question is energy rather than money.

It turns out that the actual energy harvested from a turbine is a function of the square of it's size. This means that if you were to double the physical size of the turbine . . . you get to quadruple the amount of energy to be harvested from it's use.

This being the case, you can sense that there has to be some sort of crossover point in physical size . . . above which a turbine becomes more justifiable in terms of the ratio of it's intrinsic 'embodied energy' and the total energy harvested from it in it's entire lifetime of service.

Also, the greater the lifespan of the turbine . . . the greater it's total energy harvest and the greater it's very existence can be justified as multiples of it's embodied energy.

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Wind farm Turbine Cost and Embodied Energy

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