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Wind Turbine Blade

Cutting-Edge Wind Turbine Blade Design

Wind Turbine Blade

Innovative wind turbine blade development really is the new frontier in wind turbine technology.

It seems the whole wind energy industry is sitting on the edge of it's seat . . . . just waiting for the breakthrough that we all know is coming !

But who will bring it forward ?

Might it be you . . . or your company ?

At Windrush . . . . we're poised to play a major role in the development of this specific outcome.

Funding Wind Turbine Blade Design from Concept . . . to Operational Reality

We need to go further back than merely 'back to the drawing board' in order to bring forward a revolution in wind turbine blade design. We need to actually be going back to first principles . . . to be keeping an open mind . . . in case we've been missing something important.

Taking The Project Beyond Wind Turbine Blade Design Calculations

Wherever you are in the process of bringing forward the breakthrough desired in wind turbine blade design at some point you will likely experience a road-block in the journey from concept to operational reality. If this 'road-block' is a financial hurdle . . . perhaps too big to see a way around . . . then perhaps Windrush . . . . will have the answer.

Wind Turbine Blade - Design & Development Stages

The various activities required in order to bring the revolutionary new wind turbine blade design to operational reality across the world might be set out as follows . . .

Windrush . . . . Your New Wind Turbine Blade Joint Venture Partner

Windrush . . . . are looking to be instrumental in bringing together the inventor of the next generation wind turbine blade design and the ideal capital investor for the project.

So we need to talk . . . . !

Get in touch initially by phone or email new wind turbine blade opportunity. Tell us in broad general terms about your opportunity and we'll quickly exchange Non Disclosure And Confidentiality Agreements and we'll be able to talk further about the Windrush role in the opportunity.

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Wind Turbine Blade

Wind Turbine Blade