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DADDY WAS BORN on a very bleak but absolutely idyllic hill farm in Donegal, Ireland in 1923. In fact, to call Eggalty Ban a farm at all is a bit of a stretch of the immagination. The quality of the land there was so poor that even a single sheep would have had a really hard existence knocking out a living in the place.

He was the oldest boy of six other siblings and he had to become the man of the house, the breadwinner, when his own father died when they were all still very young. But even so there was no future for any of them in the place.

However, in 1946, two uncles noticed in him personally a certain spirit, a willingness to make a way for himself in the world.

An opportunity emerged when a beautiful quality farm went up for sale and it was a wonderful opportunity for such a young man. But he had no money.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the three men – the two uncles and the nephew - marched confidently into a bank and the two uncles offered up the title deeds to their own two farms as security for the money for the nephew to buy this third farm !

The nephew got the money . . . 100% of it.

But did it take ‘guts’ on the part of the two uncles to be doing such a thing ?

" I’ve never stopped being enchanted with the story . . . how this sort of enlightened way of doing things could leverage a young man into assets with no money of his own.

I’ve always wanted to immerse my life’s work in this sort of power – this sort of empowering people - making this sort of empowering people my signature work in the world ! "

- Francis McMenamin

Not really. You see, the bank now had security over three farms in exchange for putting forward the money for the purchase of this third farm for the nephew. The bank was well covered. And Plan B was that if the young man ‘failed’ somehow then the two uncles would step in, work the land, pay off the mortgage honourably and come to be in possession of a third farm themselves.

The uncles’ role was referred to in those days as being ‘bailsmen’ to my father and I grew up with this story.

Hence today . . . me brokering wind farm joint ventures . . . in the world !

Education & Early Career

Half way through University I purchased my first flat. Back in those days it was completely unheard of for a student to actually buy a flat . . . everyone rented. Anyway, I'd worked it out that the monthly mortgage repayment was actually quite a bit less than what I'd be paying in rent each month so the decision to buy would be sustainable. The only thing missing was the mortgage . . . I had the deposit saved . . . and to get a mortgage I needed a job, any job.

That summer I took a job at the Hypermarket stacking butter and margarine on the shelves. Within two days in the job I was in their personnel office having my salary verified on my mortgage application form ! I remember getting a look from them as much as to say " You have another [BIG] life outside the Hypermarket ". The work was mind-numbingly boring and the pay was rubbish but the important thing was . . . it got me the mortgage.

Two years later I graduated with honours from Glasgow University with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering with Management. The management side of things fascinated me, especially the quantitative techniques that could be used to appraise business decisions . . . alternative investment decisions. I knew I would use this stuff somehow, some day, but it never occurred to me at that time that I'd come to shine using it to demonstrate lucrative renewable energy opportunities to prospective investors !

Wind Farm Joint Venture Broker

To make another long story short, my first wind turbine is presently being constructed in Lancashire, England. Both my clients – my land-owner client and my investor-client whom I’ve put together will make a ton of money out of just this first turbine collaboration together because the land is just so windswept !

I loved every minute of putting this deal together. Susan, my land-owner client and me had to wade through quite a few big-talking but ultimately time-wasting ‘prospective’ investors until I found Nick. I could tell Nick was right, right from the start.

Currently there are other [BIGGER] renewable energy investment and development opportunities being brokered in United Kingdon, Europe and the United States.

My goal is to make Windrush . . . . the first port of call for anyone looking to find renewable energy investment opportunities worldwide . . . wind, hydro, geothermal, solar etc.

New enquiries are always welcome. Whether you're looking to find a renewable energy investment opportunity or whether you're looking for a capital investment partner to develop a renewable project of your own get in touch initially through the initial enquity form.

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