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Wind Farm Value Valuation

Wind farm capital value valuation depends on feed-in energy.

Calculating Wind Farm Value

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In calculating the value of a wind farm . . . or a wind farm portfolio . . . we're referring to the wind asset itself and NOT the land upon which the turbines stand . . . which can be valued separately.

Calculating the Present Capital Value of a Wind Energy Grid Feed-in Revenue Stream

The Capital Value of a Wind Farm . . . the price at which it changes hands to-day . . . has to be based on the notion of somehow stockpiling at present day values all the future payments the wind farm will receive for it's full life of service.

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The calculation of wind farm value depends on a number of factors . . .

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The example to the right shows how a Wind Farm's Capital Value depends on the wind farm's remaining life. In this example, 1,234.59 GWh of electrical energy is being fed-in to the grid annually at a feed-in price of £89,362 per GWh. An interest rate of 10% was used to bring future revenues back to present day values and a rate of 6.5% was used to allow for inflation in the price of electricity over the future life of the wind farm . . . i.e. . energy price-inflation indexing (Compare 0% inflation in energy prices.)

Free Windrush . . . . Wind Farm Value Calculation

Wind Farm Valuations are important for accountancy purposes, for wind farm portfolio financial re-structuring or when selling your wind farm investment.

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Free Wind Farm Valuation Calculation

Wind Turbine Embodied Energy

The energy physically embodied in a wind turbine is a great way to justify the development of a wind farm. Wind Turbine Cost, Embodied Energy

Wind farm value increases with capital valuation

Inflation in electricity energy price value with the remaining life before de-commissioning affects the value of wind farm valuation. infrastructure fund