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Power Purchase Agreements for Wind Farms

Power Purchase Agreements, wPPA's for wind farm development for feed-in electricity price.

Wind Farm Power Purchasing Agreements

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An Agreement to Purchase your Wind Farm's Power output . . . something which we can broker for you everywhere in The World . . . is something which is absolutely crucial to your overall business model's maximized success.

Delivering that . . . is the kind of stuff you get into when you start talking to us !

We're easy to talk to !

However there's sometimes a tendency for the Power Purchase Agreement, the PPA to become the LAST thing to be thought about . . . perhaps because of it's only coming into play at the very end of the wind farm construction period . . . because of it's being relevant only in the eventual operational stage of your windfarm.

After all, when you're constructing or developing a wind farm there are many things you have to think about . . . things to occupy the mind.

However . . . NOT giving attention to your Power Purchase Agreement until the end . . . is a bit like taking a big long run and jumping 95% of the way across a very wide ravine. It was a good attempt . . . but it doesn't quite do the business !

Well, here at Windrush . . . . we do that essential '5%' of the journey for you . . .

and, we put it to the very FRONT of what you do . . .

which GUARANTEES the financial success of your project !

As Your Power Purchase Agreement Broker . . . We Leverage Revenue !

As Power Purchase Agreement Brokers . . . we're in our element making persuasive presentations about wind farm revenue production . . .

and there's a vastly-added CAPITAL VALUE to be had in deploying us.

With our background and knowledge of . . .

. . . we're able to get inside the head of the Utility Companies . . . and because we can 'speak their language' from inside their perspective so to speak . . . we're able to prize from them (for you) the very best Power Purchase Agreement price, terms and energy price-inflation indexing that can be had !

Get Us To Re-Negotiate Your 'Existing' Wind Power Purchase Agreement

Sometimes it can become neccessary to re-negotiate your wind farm's Power Purchasing Agreement with the Utility Company . . . for whatever reason.

The most important word in the Power Purchasing Agreement Negotiator's vocabulary is not the word 'no'

. . . it is the word . . .

if . . . ?

And because we can speak two languages as it were . . . we speak wind farm developer and we speak Utility Company . . . we're able to see amazing new common ground opportunities between the two of you, and we'll nudge you both into that space . . . into a new arrangement space where everyone will win !

Would You Like Us To Broker Your New Wind Power Purchase Agreement ?

Give us a call to discuss negotiating your Wind Farm's Power Purchase Agreement or let us know about your wind farm's electricity production capability by our online form. From that data we'll be able to calculate your wind farm's ultimate capital value which is a great bargaining chip when negotiating your Wind Power Purchase Agreement

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