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Wind Power Potential Of Wind Energy

Wind energy resource is calculated from a wind energy resource assessment.

Wind Power Potential

Weibull Wind Speed Distribution for Wind Farm Planning and DevelopmebtWeibull Wind Speed Frequency Distribution Over One Year

The potential of wind energy is in the air's kinetic energy . . . that is, in the energy the wind has due to it's being in motion.

It turns out that . . . just as with anything else that is in motion . . . air's kinetic energy is a function of the 'square' of it's SPEED, . . . that is wind speed 2.

Harvesting some of that potential . . . the intrinsic energy of the air due to it's being in motion . . . is the job of the wind turbine.

Wind Power Speed

And it turns out too . . . that the rate at which the turbine harvests some of the wind's energy as the wind passes through the turbine's blades . . . is a function of the CUBE of the wind speed, that is . . . wind speed 3.

And that 'rate' . . . the rate at which the energy of the air in motion is being harvested, is referred to as . . . wind power.

Wind Speed Distribution

Wind energy is a NATURAL RESOURCE . . . and yet it comes at us in a kind of 'crude' form in that the wind blows at a whole variety of strengths throughout the year. So we need to somehow . . . refine our understanding of how frequently the wind blows at every single wind speed throughout the year at our proposed wind farm site. This refined understanding is referred to as our site's wind speed distribution.

Getting a handle on this raw potential . . . to somehow 'engineer' our getting the 'good' out of the wind in the way we want . . . well that is the way we go !

Wind Energy Assessment

The wind energy assessment of your site involves our setting-up aparatus to measure wind speed on site for a whole year . . . and this provides us with a wealth of wind power speed data.

And from the immense wind speed data harvest thus gathered, we're able to draw a graph of how frequently the wind blows over your site . . . at every single wind speed throughout the year !

This graph is hugely important . . . and it is called the Weibull Wind Speed Distribution Curve for your site . . . and it gives us a big, big insight into the wind power potential of your site . . . it's a 'picture' of your site's total wind energy resource !

Wind Farm Design

Designing a wind farm around a thorough wind speed knowledge of your site is how we're going to harvest your highest possible energy yield.

. . . this is a big, big part of the Windrush . . . . synergy opportunity objective . . . !

Planning A Wind Farm

Planning a wind farm essentially necessitates the taking of this gained knowledge about the natural resource aspect of your wind farm . . . and 'introducing this knowledge' . . . to what we know about a line-up of 'wind turbine tech' options . . . all this with a view to 'optimising' the total energy harvest that results from only such a purposeful and fruitful . . . and intelligent 'marriage'.

Optimising wind turbine performance choice basically means looking into an array of possible turbine model options to see which one will produce the best annual energy harvest overall . . . specific to our vision about what we've learned about our site !

wind turminesPower Output with Wind Speed for a Wind Turbine

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Average wind velocity is only part of how to measure wind speed. macquarie european infrastructure fund.