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Venture Philanthropy, Global Giving & Philanthropic Giving

Venture Philanthropy is the ideal way for art collectors to discharge their philanthropic giving by giving to the Earth - global giving.

Venture Philanthropy

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THE WORD PHILANTHROPY has it's origin in the combining of two greek words, philia (love) and anthropos (mankind) . . . so ultimately . . . philanthropy means LOVE OF MANKIND.

Philanthropy, Sustainability & Stewardship Of The Earth

In his book The Extra One Percent - How Small Changes Make Exceptional People - British personal development psychologist Rob Yeung drew attention to a powerful distinction that is now being made between the traditional view of philanthropy and current views on sustainability.

Until fairly recently, the traditional approach of a philanthropist was of someone who accumulated a vast personal fortune throughout their active business years and who would then give away large chunks of their wealth to good causes during their retirement.

Outstandiing examples of this previous generation of philanthropists included John D Rockefeller - the richest man who ever lived, Andrew Carnegie and more recently the late Percy Ross.

'End Of Pipe' Philanthropy Versus 'Through The Pipe' Citizenship

Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ross were what is now known as 'end of pipe' philanthropists. They built their vast petrochemical, steel and plastics business empires first . . . and THEN gifted huge amounts to various causes. They did what they could with what they had . . . and with the only way they knew how.

But today, a different approach is being called for . . . one that embraces the notion of citizenship.

In the past, citizenship was actually taught in school and the thought was that if the children could be shown the wisdom of them individually becoming responsible citizens then it would make for a better society generally. However someone forgot to include big business.

The culture is different today. Big businesses . . . and the celebrity figures who own them . . . now need to be adopting a 'through the pipe' approach in that they need to be being SEEN to be acting responsibly towards ALL the people (Gk: anthropos) and the environment WHILE they are building their fortunes rather than 'taking care' retrospectively. They need to be taking a global view of their philanthropic giving . . . GLOBAL GIVING.

The Triple Bottom Line

Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ross didn't have the gateway to stewardship - the opportunity to bestow upon the future generations of all mankind - on the scale that contemporary philanthropists have !

Perhaps the previous generation philanthropists worried about giving their wealth away too soon, possibly leaving themselves and their families a bit 'short' by engaging in philanthropy too generously too early in life.

However something has appeared on the world scene that does away with that concern. Something that COMBINES true global philanthropic giving AND making money . . . renewable energy.

The idea is being referred to as The TRIPLE Bottom Line because it's about doing good while you're getting rich.

In the context of renewable energy, though, we're giving triple bottom line philosophy a more specific name. We're calling it . . .

Renewable Energy Venture Philanthropy

It's about being globally philanthropic towards future generations and the planet while you're investing in renewable energy ventures. It does what it says on the tin !

Renewable Energy Venture Philanthropy opportunities in our current portfolio are available in the range £750,000 - €1,500,000,000 investor participation although we're working tirelessly to bring the entry level way down.

Currently we're on a campaign to talk renewable energy venture philanthropy as an option for art collectors for their philanthropic giving - especially in view of The Renewable Energy Renaissance we currently see happening.

However, we're very keen to talk with philanthropists from all sorts of backgrounds about investing in our opportunities. We would like you to get in touch. Call us on this number.

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Combining wealth management and philanthropy with renewable energy venture philanthropy

Venture philanthropy, global giving and philanthropic giving.