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Develope a wind farm in joint venture by obtaining planning permission through us

Developing a windfarm through a planning permission application made by us will open-up a wind generated electricity feed-in revenue stream from turbines on your land.

Developing A Wind Farm

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Developing a wind farm is really quite similar to any other form of property or real estate development. With ordinary property development the basic concept is that you start off by acquiring an undervalued piece of land or a run-down building. Then, by the applying of the various building trades, you transform your original under-appreciated property into an income-producing cash cow.

With wind farm development, you likely already own hill land with wind power potential, but because of wind turbine technology only recently having crossed efficiency thresholds, you haven't been able to exploit the wind resource aspect of your land until now.

However, with wind farm technology having arrived in it's present state, and instead of your applying the building trades to some building project, what you have to apply now is planning permission application resources . . . what we do . . . and, possibly planning appeal resources . . . also what we do multiplied by civil engineering and electrical engineering and wind turbine manufacturing.

Here at Windrush . . . . , the pulling of all that together is what we do . . . and we do it efficiently !

Planning Permission for Wind Farms, Wind Farm Planning Appeals and Feed-In Revenue

Planning Permission Approval for a Wind Farm is what we live for . . . what we eat and enjoy. We also successfully overturn planning refusal decisions about your wind farm planning permission application through a planning appeal. What we suggest you do is a joint venture with us. Actually, it's a joint veture of three parties for your economic good . . . but with Windrush . . . . as your agent . . . ferreting-out for you the very best deal from the entire wind industry that is possible to be had.

Our wind farm joint venture together will involve you . . . the land owner of the wind resource, us at _Windrush . . . ._ as a kind of facilitator pushing our planning application for the Wind Farm through to successful completion and a wind farm investor getting together with like minds to harvest feed-in electricity revenue - revenue shared out proportionately amongst our three selves !

Windrush's . . . . input . . . pushing the project through into reality . . . would be without fees to you throughout the whole process . . . but instead, we would be looking to be rewarded by a percentage share in the feed-in revenue when we're successful at establishing the project. Yes, our input is kind of speculative in that our contribution is our 'sweat equity' . . . our work that goes into causing your wind farm project to become an actual reality.

The investor funds the turbines and the associated electrical and civil engineering aspects of the project in return for the lion's share of the feed-in revenue take . . . but all three of us get fed handsomely, monthly or quarterly, from this 'revenue take'.

And when our wind farm goes operational, Windrush . . . . can provide Wind Farm Management Services, seeing to turbine maintenance in periods of low wind resource so as to tweak the maximising of turbine yields - and to site management matters. And where there is more than one land owner within the project we can provide revenue-factoring all within a package.

Land with Wind Energy Potential For A Wind Farm

If you're ready to go ahead with a wind farm project or if you're wondering about the wind energy potential of your land, get in touch with us by phone or fill-in our wind farm project form telling us a little bit about your opportunity.

Planning Permission and Appeals for Wind Farm Development Projects

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