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Wind Farm Investment Discover Opportunities Worldwide

Wind farm investments, renewable energy opportunities through joint ventureworldwide with access to cheap electricity in some cases.

Wind Farms - An Investment Opportunity

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Demand for electricity from wind power . . . is growing !. . . just think for a moment about the arrival of electric cars and what this will do to the demand for electricity . . . especially green electricity !

Entering a growing market, like wind farms . . . before the rally in the share price of them happens . . . really is a smart thing to do. And yet, with wind power, there probably will never be a better time than now to invest in wind energy real estate because the prospects for the investor in terms of both capital growth, and income are on the approach to a cusp . . . the cusp of a tipping-point . . . the tipping-point of a new global paradigm in appreciation for the harvesting of vast quantities of benign electricity.

Net Present Value Of A Decision To Invest In A Wind Farm

It all boils down to a decision.

When you buy a wind farm or windfarm shares, you'll be buying into a future income-stream . . . and yet, that future income-stream, or revenue-stream, still has a capital value in present day terms.

Obviously, if now, the present value - the capital value of a wind farm income stream - is greater than the price you actually pay for the wind farm itself then you've made a profit on your way into the deal . . . and that's got to be a good thing, making a profit . . . on the way in !

NPV Net Present Value of a Windfarm

That 'profit' is called the Net Present Value of the deal. And while it might still only be a notional profit in that it hasn't yet been realised, . . . it still is a very real thing . . . because it has a value. And because any time factor has already been filtered out in it's being calculated, it's being a reality though has still had to have come from . . . somewhere ! . . . but where ?

It's attributable to your decision to invest in the wind farm . . . it's the value of your . . . decision !

. . . and what a beautiful concept . . . that your mere decision has a value . . . and a huge capital value, at that . . . perhaps several times more than what you actually pay for the wind farm !

No wonder people just want to trade shares rather than actually operate businesses !

Trading has it's place, of course, and at Windrush . . . . we engage in that too !

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Build a Wind Energy Investment Portfolio Worldwide

Buying wind energy real estate or windfarm shares based on net present value macquarie infrastructure fund . first state global listed infrastructure the best way to appraise worldwide opportunity in wind farm investing.