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Natural Burial Grounds

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Operating natural burial grounds might never have been your first thought when looking to buy a business for sale in Lancashire !

However, land for sale in Lancashire could not be being put to a more profitable use as in this particular . . . and unique business opportunity.

Farms For Sale Lancashire

Farms for sale in Lancashire generally top the bill out of all the farms for sale in England, however if you're looking for an opportunity to purchase a Lancashire farm for sale have you considered the possibility of buying into this as an idea among hobby farms for sale as you consider businesses for sale in Lancashire generally ?

Smallholdings For Sale In Lancashire

Smallholdings for sale in Lancashire just like anywhere else, need to be being justified financially . . . and this one certainly is !

Why ? Because when considering a business for sale, Lancashire is well placed geographically for natural burial grounds. With the big cities and towns of Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn and Lytham Saint Annes nearby and with a population in the County approaching 1,500,000 generally there exists a pressure for burial grounds.

Burial Land For Sale In Lancashire

Natural burial plots are becoming a very popular choice as people with a sense of environmental responsibly make plans even for their own funeral - a green funeral.

The Natural Burial Ground Opportunity

The opportunity exists to develop a natural burial cemetery of up to 4,000 burial plots in partnership with our client and ourselves.

At Windrush . . . . our usual business is brokering joint ventures for wind farm developer clients worldwide. However, a satisfied UK wind farm developer client has retained us again to find their ideal natural burial ground investment partner for the development of a woodlands cemetery on their land.

In evaluating the capital value of various wind farm development opportunities worldwide we can see plainly that this . . . a natural burial ground development opportunity in the UK . . . represents an exceptional return on capital employed despite it's accessibility in terms of the relatively low capital input required at the start to fully harvest the fullness of the opportunity.

We calculate . . . . that the CAPITAL VALUATION of your participation in this business opportunity to be 800% of your investment.

Your potential business partner requires £750,000 to get going

. . . . but we're open for negotiation . . . . in BOTH directions !

Natural Burial Ground Business Opportunity Ideal Investor Profile

Our ideal investor can choose to actually operate the day to day running of the burial grounds, doing the actual grave digging, processing the individual purchases of the grave plots, tree planting and all the other administrative work . . . . or else be completely 'hands-off' as a sort of silent partner where we do all the admin and grave-digging ourselves. The opportunity would thus be suited to

Can you see yourself participating in this unique, different opportunity in a 'hands-on' or 'hands-off' involvement ?

Get in touch with us directly by phone and we can discuss the opportunity fully. View the Business Opportunity Spreadsheet

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