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Natural Burial Sites UK - Lancashire

Woodlands Cemetery

natural burial sites

business for sali in Lancashire

There will be 4,000 burial plots for sale in the cemetery.

Natural Burial plots, like conventional burial plots, are usually purchased ahead of time. We estimate that the demand is such that, conservatively, we'll be able to sell 800 plots per year. This, of course, implies 5 years to full capacity. But it could be quite a bit less than that.

Have a look at the financial overview on the right (click on image)

Cost (Revenue) From Natural Burial

Green burial, or natural burial compares favourably both ecologically and economically with cremation costs or conventional burial. Natural burial ground plots cost on average £3,000 per plot so the total revenue on plot sales over the 4,000 plot natural burials site is £12,000,000.

Woodland Memorial

Woodland memorials are trees. There are no headstones in a green cemetery. Tree planting, such as oaks or beech or whatever the soil condition is favourable towards, can be provided at a cost of £400 per plot so over the 4,000 plot green cemetery burial site the total revenue from tree sales/planting amounts to £1,600,000.

Therfore the total revenue from the entire natural burial ground opportunity is £13,600,000. ( or £3,400 per plot )

Natural Burial Grounds Operating Costs And Income

The costs of operating natural burial sites is mainly in the digging of the graves and planting the trees. The graves are dug with a mini digger machine and finished by hand. A small diesel dumper would also be required and perhaps a steel freight container to house the mini digger and dumper overnight. The steel freight container would of course be screened from view by mature trees.

We would also need a rough-terrain people transporter to take mourners from the car park to the actual grave site.

From an overall day-to-day accounting perspective on the operating costs we have allowed a figure of £350 per burial. But if we were to do the actual grave digging and tree planting in-house the costs to us (or to an outsourced grave-digger) would only be about 10 % of this (i.e. £35 per plot).

Over the 4,000 plot natural cemetery opportunity the operating costs would be £1,400,000 and so the operating profit out of the whole opportunity would be £12,200,000.

If it took 5 years to sell all the plots this would provide a yearly operating profit from the whole opportunity of £2,440,000 pa.

And if as an investor, your participation in the opportunity was 47.5 %, then your share of the operating profit in the opportunity would be £1,159,000 a year (for 5 years).

Calculating The Capital Value Of Your Participation In The Green Burial Grounds Opportunity

A £750,000 investment will secure you a 47.5 % participation in the entire natural burial ground opportunity.

In calculating the capital value of your 47.5 % participation we have allowed for the 5 years income to be increased from year to year by 4.8 % to model for the effect of inflation on plot prices. Also, we have discounted backwards though these figures by 8.8 % pa to allow for the time-value of money.

Anyway, it works out that stacking-up the present values of your 5 years of income streams amounts to £4,948,784.

And this is the capital value of your part in the opportunity if you were to choose NOT to take on the grave digging and tree planting.

If you were to choose to take on the grave digging and tree planting you could add back in 90 % of the burial ground costs associated with each burial and this has a present value of £1,076,008. Making the TOTAL CAPITAL VALUE of your opportunity equal to £6,024,792.

This is more than 8 TIMES your capital investment !

A smaller participation in exchange for a smaller investment is of course on offer as well and a group of investors would be considered. Get in touch by phone if you would like to take part.

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