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Wind Farm Planning Permission, Joint Venture Partners in Wind Power Electricity Feed-in Revenue Generation

Wind farm development, planning permission application, loans and mortgages for wind power projects shares and wind farm management is what we do.

Making Wind Energy Revenue From Electricity

Autonomy of the Scottish people is an amazing aspiration . . . to be wrenching themselves from the power of British Empire after over 308 years of the unity paradigm being a good thing while Ireland and India and America have divested themselves of the hypnotism bigger power, command and control unity of the oppressive yesterdays. This was the way to direct the human family in previous centuries but we are not living in these centuries now. Our being in this century now is the way to go now and the spirit of the human family now is AUTONOMY.

The human family will now break down all the things that have shackeled us so far and we are ready to express our individual autonomy gloriously in the world and despise with retrospect the attempts to command and control us of those who wanted to harvest us with their scary power from the past.

There is also the need to set English people free from being tied to the Scottish as welle and the Scottish people have this aspiration for English people.

About twenty-five years ago I read in a book by someone that money is like fertiliser

When you heap fertiiser up in one place it doesn't really do much good . . . but when you spread it out on the land it works miracles !

Power is like money . . .

When you spread power out like miracles it oozes the human family with creativity

Human Creativity is syntropy

Syntropy is the price of entropy in the universe

Entropy is the experience we have of everything being in a state of decay . . . our lives . . . our children . . . our art . . . decay, death

This entropy has to have an opposite and equal force because of Newton's Law about how everything in the universe has to have an equal and opposite reaction


American futurist, Buckminster Fuller, said about this, "My continuing philosophy is predicated, first, on the assumption that in counterbalance to the expanding universe of entropically increasing random disorderliness there must be a universal pattern of omnicontracting. convergent, progressive orderliness, and that man is that antri-entropic reordering function.

Wind farm development, loans and mortgages for wind farms, management services

Wind farm planning permission, infrastructure funds planning appeals, development 3i infrastructure fund loan approvals, mortgaging wind farm shares and management worldwide.