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Wealthy Art Collectors Invest In Wind Farms

Renewable energy Wind Farm investors are wealthy Art Collectors.

Art Collectors - The New Medici Dynasty Of The Renewable Energy Renaissance


At Windrush we're looking to be contacted by all sorts of people outside the renewable energy field who are looking for something new or who are looking to just diversify their existing investment portfolio. We have renewable energy projects in United Kingdom, European Union, Australia and United States of America.

Our clients in the UK, EU, Australia and USA have opportunities to develop renewable energy projects on their land - particularly wind energy - and they are broadminded enough to share their opportunities with a private investor possibly in the form of a wealthy art collector.

If you will pardon a pun, I see a 'connection' between art and renewable energy that we think art collectors in particular would like to know about. Let me explain briefly what that 'connection' is.

At the start of The Renaissance period, around 1200 AD, the world emerged from a thousand year period known as the dark ages and art became 'the cool thing' to be being into. About 300 years later 'art' passed the baton, in a kind of relay, to 'science' and now 'science' became the new 'cool' thing to be being into - with art continuing to run with this new kid on the block.

Well, I believe that the baton is changing hands again. The baton is now being passed from 'science' to 'energy' - specifically renewable energy - and I believe that it is entirely fitting and appropriate that art patrons be available to welcome this 'new kid' who has shown up in the human story.

Electricity generated could of course be consumed in the buildings of the art collector's philanthropic or business interests - effectively making them 'green' or carbon neutral with respect to their carbon footprint - but mainly the electricity generated would be sold for revenue.

The opportunities (which are very lucrative) require investor capital participation in the range £750,000 - €1,500,000,000.

For the most part, the projects are ready to go in that they just need your capital.

We would be very happy to hear from art collectors who would like to become involved with our projects.

art collectors the new Medici of renewable energy

We should have a very general outline discussion initially on the phone and then afterwards we can talk openly having exchanged Non Disclosure Agreements.

We look forward to your call.

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Wind farm development, the new medium for wealthy art collectors

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